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The use of Forex and Binary Options Trading Tools

Trading on the finance market makes you always have to be in touch with the market situation. It is very critical to have all the relevant information as well as to know how to use it. Options Signals gives all our visitor free possibility to have all important tools we use during our day trading in one place.

  1. It is well known that one of the most important in Forex and binary options trading are news and events. Each time the news comes the market reacts to it. Some binary options strategies use the high impact news and event other ask you to avoid trading during a high impact event. As for us, we made our trading strategy and due to it, we change the amount of binary options signals issued by the system.
    Note: We recommend all traders check the news and event every day and decide whether to trade that day either not.
  2. The next instrument we use in our trading is Forex and binary options chart. It is imperative to see whether the broker you trade with, cheats with the assets prices or not. Of course, the price differs from broker to broker cause of the protocol used in sending the quotes, but in common the price shouldn’t change too much!
    For example: one broker’s server has local time +1 second from UTC and the candle closes not in 09:00:00, but in 09:00:01 in UTC time, but during that time the price for the asset has changed, so one broker will have the price for one asset ~1.12345 and another 1.12342. That is caused due to the system latency. In some cases, the difference can be up to 5 pips! i.e. ~1.12392, but never 1.12421.
    Note: You can also use the tool for checking our statistics.
    Select the asset, select the time (don’t forget to switch time to UTC, all our signals are issued in UTC time format) and check the price in that time. After that get the expiration time price and compare it to our expiration price. Check whether could you won with our signal or not.

If you cannot find the relative information on the pages or have any problem using our service, contact us immediately.