Frequently asked questions

The most popular questions about Binary Options Signals services

General questions

Are your signals services free of charge? Absolutely! We have sections on our websites where you can get it for free. You can use them as much as you want without any obligation or commitment.
When do you send binary signals? The service analyzes the charts 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. As soon as the conditions are good, we will send a signal. Please be aware that our system is not capable of identifying high risk news, so it is necessary for you to review and verify it on your own.
What time zone do you use in service? By default, in Telegram and on websites, all hints are sent in the time zone GMT + 0 or GMT / UTC. On the websites, you can switch the time zone to your local one.
Why should I trust your Binary Options Signals service? Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to entrust binary options to someone, and we understand that many users are afraid of this problem. For our part, we can only tell you about our service, and it's up to you whether to trust us or not. Our service was created in 2015. Since then, we have been working daily and issue up to 1000 signals daily. While other binary options signal services require prepayment or registration with their broker, we provide a free testing service to any client without any obligation. We have never worked with brokers and have always acted as an independent signal provider for binary options. Our statistics are transparent and we have never removed signals, even if they were inconvenient for us. Thousands of traders around the world use our services directly or through intermediaries. Today we can say with confidence that we are the only really working signal service for binary options on the Internet.
Why is it preferable to use Binary Signals via the website? The most important difference between Binary Signals via websites and signals via Telegram is that you have flexibility on the website! We work hard to provide you with the best service, and today, on all sites, you can change the binding of signals to your local time. On some websites, you can change prices or the threshold of the trading price! This can improve results and make it more suitable for your broker. It is also important that on websites you can see previously sent signals and analyze them. By looking at the last 10-20 signals, you can see if the current service is in line with the current market conditions or not. We do not publish results in signals via Telegram, we only publish signals there. Based on the above, given that the signals themselves and their delivery times are the same, it is clear why signals on the site are more preferable. Only professional traders who see market conditions with their own eyes, feel and understand how our services work, recommend using Binary Signals via Telegram.
Do you send alerts for 60 second trades? No, trading in 60-second intervals can be likened to gambling. It's nearly impossible to analyze the trading charts and make a trade profitably in such a short period. There are no real-working indicators for that. Most brokers offer 60-second trades to enable traders to lose money faster. That's why we do not provide signals for 60 seconds.
What types of Binary Options Signals do you send? In all services except OS H1, we send Binary Options Signals with 'fixed expiration at the end of the current 15-minute candle.' In OS H1 at the end of the current hour. Please note that our signals are not suitable for 60-second trading !!!
Why do you send signals for binary options with fixed expiry? In short: it allows you to compare prices and results. In Detail: If you've used other signal services for binary options before, you've probably come across a situation where the signal provider says he won and you lost. This is common for 60 second trades. You start comparing prices, but you can't. For example, your signal provider placed a trade at 12:02:22 and closed a minute later at 12:03:22. Due to delays, at best, it was possible to open a trade, for example, at 12:02:34, so you will close it at 12:03:34. You and your provider have different entry and exit points. You cannot compare results because you will have different prices and times! In our signals, you do not need to rush to open a trade. You can open it at any time during the current 15 minute candle at the price indicated in the signal or at the best price, but you must close it exactly at the close of the candle. In these types of trades, traders have at least one point - an exit point from a trade that can be compared and therefore prices and results can be compared. Almost all popular brokers have the ability to make such trades. Ask your broker about it. By the way CySEC tried to close brokers who offer 60 sec trades few times. Think of that!
Why do you have such a low win rate? In short: we send Binary Options Signals 24 hours a day and because our statistics are real. In detail: you can see ads with up to 99% winnings on other signals services for binary options. This is a common thing. But the main thing is not their winrate, but yours! By using such fake Binary Options Signals services, your win rate will be lower. In 99% of cases, Binary Options Services lie about their winrate. In fact, their winrate will be significantly lower. In addition, most of the services we tested remove lost signals from statistics. We don't. Our statistics are real and transparent. Let's take a look at the main issue that makes our official statistics very low. Our services work 24 hours a day and all that time they sends singals. Each service works even when it shouldn't be due to the market conditions. And, unfortunately, it cannot be done otherwise. We tried. This is why our official statistics are not perfect. Now let's move on to your winrate. Our services are designed in such a way that your win rate should be higher than ours if you follow the advice in the FAQ and the service description! We are not chasing perfect statistics. Why, if it doesn't bring profit to our clients? For us, the measure of efficiency is the number of customers and resellers who use our services.
How long should I wait for a new binary signal? According to statistics, our services send signals almost every 15 minutes. In fact, we have pauses in sending signals. They can last up to several hours! This usually happens when you are trying to use the Binary Options Signals service during periods of low market volatility or unfavorable market conditions. If you open it in good market conditions, you can receive many signals in one 15 minute period.
What delays are there in your services? All our signals are sent without delay. Also, there is practically no difference between signals on websites and in telegram channels. On the technical side, of course, yes, but it's only a few milliseconds. You won't even notice it. The exact numbers depend on your ISP.
Why am I seeing a 120 second delay? For all free services, we have a delay of 120 seconds. In fact, in the types of trades we use, it doesn't affect anything. Moreover, if you look at the previously sent signals, you will notice that 90% of the time the best prices are reached after this delay. In other wordds the delay helps new traders to wait a bit and get in with better prices. If you want to remove this delay, you can purchase a paid membership.
How to read and understand the signal correctly? When a new signal is issued, it contains information: asset, trading price, expiration time, and direction. Some services provide additional information, such as when a signal was issued, but this is not so important. For example, the signal contains the information: 'Call (Up) GBPJPY 154.746 19:45:00'. It states that at 19:45:00 the price of the GBPJPY asset will be above 154.746. If so, the system will write won. Otherwise, a loss. If you open a 'Call' or 'Up' trade from any price below 154.746 at any time during the period when the signal was active and close it exactly at 19:45:00, you also win.
I think your signals are late. I saw prices like this a minute ago. We do not send late signals like other services do. The market moves up and down and, of course, you've seen similar or the same prices before. When you see a new signal, you need to wait for the prices written in it. 90% of the time, if you use the service at the right time and in the right market conditions, the price will be hit again while the signal is active. Of course, in some cases, the price is unattainable. This usually happens in unfavorable market conditions, for example, during a period of low volatility, and this can be predicted. We always record this information in statistics. So you can analyze it. Just take a look at the previously sent signals to check if the market conditions and the strategy used in the service are appropriate.
When is the best time to use your services? We will be happy to inform you about this, but now there is no such time. All of our services work with different strategies and for different types of markets. To do this, check the description of a specific service. Here we will tell you when not to use our services! You should avoid trading during particularly high risk news and markets with extremely low or high volatility. Every trader should know these basics and be able to see them with their own eyes just by looking at the chart. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with this. All you have to do is read the trading books on Google and practice. It's great for you that you can use our free signals as long as you want. Here is the link to read more: Description of Binary Options Signals services
Where can I get information about upcoming news? You should check economic calendars on Google or other websites. We've also included some of the most popular calendars on the site. Here is the link to read more: Economic Calendar
Do you send Binary Signals in the OTC market? Not! We do not send Binary Signals in the OTC market because this is not a real market. Each broker has its own OTC prices and we cannot predict and analyze them. Moreover, brokers can easily trick you in the OTC market. We strongly recommend avoiding OTC trading.
How can I improve my trading? In short: you need to know the basics of trading and avoid trading in the wrong market. In detail: if you look at our statistics, you will see that each service works 24 hours a day. Actually, this is the key to our low official statistics. There are times when each particular service brings more wins and more losses. What if I told you it's predictable? All you need to do is just filter out bad signals! If you analyze the statistics, you will find the dependencies between win rate, strategy and signal sending periods. Unfortunately, it is not that easy and you will need time to practice. You can use any demo account and our free signals for this.
Which broker do you recommend using with your signals? We are an independent Binary Options Signal service and cannot recommend any brokers. Otherwise, we would not be an independent service. You can use any broker you like. Just remember to calculate the price difference and apply it to the signals.
I have different prices between you and my broker. What should I do? It's simple. You need to calculate the price difference by comparing the results of the expiration prices and the prices at the end of the required 15 minute candlestick and apply it to prices in future signals. Another way is to compare the high / low prices of the required 15 minute candle with our best prices for a signal with the same expiration time. On some of our sites, you can even specify this price difference in the settings, and it will be automatically applied to all signals.
Can I use Binary Signals differently? In fact, you can use Binary Signals as you see fit. We only provide you with the result of our technical analysis. We recommend that you develop your own strategy for using our signals. Many of our clients do this, and this is the best way. Remember, you are trading your own money! You have to think for yourself. We'll just help you put together the right solution.

Technical Issues

Do I need to reload the page to receive a new binary option signal? No, you don't need to reload the page to receive Binary Options Signals. They will automatically appear on the page as soon as the system sends them.
I cannot see any Binary Options Signals on the signals page. First of all, make sure you visit the page the signals are being sent to. Secondly, scroll down the page and check the previous signals sent. If you see them, that's great. Just wait for new signals. If you are on the signals page and do not see any signals, make sure you are using the latest version of your browser. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox. Our signals have been tested to work with them. If you still can't see signals, try using a VPN service. Your ISP may be blocking the Google CDN system. If the problem persists, please contact us.
I'm a paid customer, but I still see a 120 second delay. This can happen in several situations. The most popular is that you are not logged into the system. Make sure you are signed in. You can check this in the navigation menu or at the bottom of the page. Another very rare situation is that something went wrong while processing a payment. Simply wait an hour. If the problem persists, please contact us.

Payment questions

What payment options do you have? Today we can accept payments via PayPal or BTC.
Can I pay through another payment service provider or another system? No. Unfortunately, you cannot pay through another payment system. PayPal or BTC are the only ways.
Can I pay with a credit or debit card? Unfortunately, on our sites it is not possible to make direct payments by card. But you can use your credit or debit card with PayPal. Just open a free Paypal account. Connect your card to it and make a payment.
Why do you use Paypal? We use Paypal because it is the safest and largest payment system available today. It works well in many countries. You can easily open a PayPal account and make sure your money is in a safe place.
What if I can't use PayPal? How else can I pay? You can pay in BTC. Unfortunately, you cannot buy a membership if you cannot use PayPal or BTC to pay. We do not accept other payment methods.
Do you have a discounts? We appreciate that you are interested in our services, found this page and read it! You are eligible for a discount. Get a discount on Binary Options Signals via Telegram.
What does the “Enter coupon code” field mean when registering for services? Where can I get it? You can get discount coupons with different discounts from our partners. For example, you can get a basic discount with us. Free Options Signals Discount Coupon,Free Binary Options Signals Discount Coupon,Best Binary Options Signals Discount Coupon